Welcome to this tutorial for balancing the Canon M50 on the Zhiyun Crane M2. This can be a bit tricky because the Canon M50 is not the perfect partner for the Crane M2 Gimbal. However, it does for for some lenses and there are compromises for using some other lenses.

Here is a step-by-step guide for the basic setup of the Crane M2 gimbal.

How to setup the Canon M50 and EF-M 15-45mm lens on the Zhiyun Crane M2:

  • Unlock the red locking nut and slide the arm upwards
  • Tighten the locking arm again
  • Position the Crane M2 so that the Crane M2 screen is facing you
  • Fix the Canon M50 via the large slot in the base plate and slide it on
  • Clamp the baseplate into position with the Canon M50 as far left as it will go
  • Warning: at this stage the camera is loose – mind your lens!
  • Turn the Crane M2 with the joystick and screen to the left
  • Undo the red locking nut again and adjust the slider until the camera balances – it is fiddly
  • Then tighten the red locking nut again
  • Loosen the camera on the baseplate and slide the camera forwards or backwards – until it balances vertically
  • You may need to adjust the role axis vertically – again it’s fiddly
  • Undo the locking nut (circled in the video)
  • Now you need to slide the base plate along the arm to balance the camera so that the lens points upwards
  • It’s possible that the viewfinder rubber will stop you getting this bit right
  • Don’t worry adjust the best you can – a bit of guesswork
  • Once the weight of the camera is on the gimbal there is enough clearance
  • There will be enough clearance
  • Don’t forget to unlock the pan axis
  • You can even do vortex mode

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