In this video we’re going to look at the Stream Deck XL with Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Stream Deck XL

    1. 8×4 grid = 32 programmable keys
    2. Start programmes
    3. Change cameras
    4. Manage streams
    5. Adjust your audio
    6. Change your lights
    7. OBS, Streamlabs, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and more.
    8. And much, much more

Premiere Pro Usage

    1. Customisable so everyone’s will be different
    2. What were talking about here is how I have mine setup for editing
    3. We’ll take a look at the buttons I’ve setup for editing Premiere Pro
    4. Currently setup with one main screen
    5. and… one sub-folder
    6. My goal was to have most of my common edit keys available on my left hand
    7. Leaving my right hand to work the mouse

Interface overview

    1. Lets take a look at the main screen and folder for my Premiere Pro editing setup
    2. On the main screen you’ll see there is a key in the upper left to go back up another level
    3. On that screen there are the keys to launch the Adobe products and basic PC sound controls
    4. Back in the main screen there is a folder icon to go down another level
    5. One screen down are non-essential keys or one’s that didn’t fit on the main screen!
    6. But the folder icon gives quick and easy access to that screen
    7. I’ve made the icons using FontAwesome 4.7 which are still free
    8. If you’re interested in the Icons let me know down below

Let’s get into it – row 1

    1. 1 Up one level
    2. 2 Save – ctrl+s
    3. 3 Folder as I’ve mentioned takes me down to one screen below
    4. 4 Zoom out key mapped to the period key
    5. 5 Mark in mapped to I
    6. 6 Play in to out with pre-roll mapped to shift+space
    7. 7 Mark out mapped to O
    8. 8 Timeline panel and display timeline Multi Action mapped to Shift 3 then \

Let’s get into it – row 2

    1. 9 Highlight projects panel mapped to Shift-1
    2. 10 Clear I/O mapped to Multi Action Shift+2 then Ctrl+Shift+X
    3. 11 Undo mapped to Ctrl+Z
    4. 12 Alt mapped to Alt
    5. 13 Left one frame mapped to Left
    6. 14 Ripple delete mapped to D
    7. 15 Cut mapped to Ctrl+X
    8. 16 Right one frame mapped to Right

Let’s get into it – row 3

    1. 17 Effects Control panel mapped to Shift+5
    2. 18 Decrease video row height mapped to Ctrl+-
    3. 19 Increase video row height mapped to Ctrl+=
    4. 20 Shift mapped to Shift
    5. 21 Link clips mapped to Ctrl+L
    6. 22 Ripple trim previous edit mapped to Q
    7. 23 Play mapped to Space
    8. 24 Ripple trim to next edit mapped to W

Let’s get into it – row 4

    1. 25 Effects panel mapped to Shift-7
    2. 26 Decrease audio row height mapped to Alt+-
    3. 27 Increase audio row height mapped to Alt+=
    4. 28 Ctrl mapped to Ctrl
    5. 29 Unlink clips mapped to Ctrl+L
    6. 30 Play timeline from beginning mapped to Multi Action Shift+3 then Ctrl+Shift+Space
    7. 31 Swap preview between Composite video and audio mapped to Shift+2, Ctrl+# then Shift+2, Ctrl+,
    8. 32 Zoom in mapped to =

Segment: One screen down

    1. 1 Up one level back to the main screen
    2. 2-7 Label colours mapped to keys for colour coding
    3. 8 Play timeline in expanded preview screen Mapped to Multi Action Delete I/O Ctrl+Shift+X then focus on Playback panel Shift+4
    4. Then Play from beginning Ctrl+Shift+Space
    5. 9 Open keyboard preferences mapped to Ctrl+Alt+K
    6. 10 Open remove attributes panel for selected clip mapped to Alt+R
    7. 14 Fit to Frame mapped to Alt+S
    8. 18 and 19 volume up and down by 6db for selected clip

One screen down – continued

    1. 22 and 24 move to beginning and end of selected clip

Checkout the video to see how I’ve applied the above settings.

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