A really handy device to quickly mount your GoPro to unusual places and easily adjustable and reconfigurable.

Off the bat…

  • Premium price product
  • Great versatility
  • Rubberised/anti-slip finish
  • There are cheaper alternatives



  • Clamp size: 0.6cm to 5cm

In the box

  • Jaws clamp
    • Integrated buckle mount
    • It’s rubber coated
    • It has rubber teeth
    • Up to about 2inches/5cm diameter 
    • Adjustable ratchet band/belt for varying profiles
    • Attaches to non-symmetrical round profiles
  • Adjustable goose neck
    • Variable angle through 360 deg
    • Variable height
    • Made from plastic
    • Can be used as a GoPro hand-grip
  • GoPro buckle mounts on both ends


  • Can use the goose neck with other GoPro accessories
  • Ability to to mount to small diameter things
  • Great for static shots
  • Easy to adjust
  • Ability to quickly adjust the shooting angle is a real bonus
  • Camera can be mounted directly to the jaw without the need of the goose neck
  • Can be used on non-symetrical surfaces


  • Appears to be costly
  • It doesn’t swivel very easily which is a trade-off with stability
  • Gooseneck quality is questionable
  • Gooseneck GoPro buckle mount clip is a weak point and they can break easily
  • Gooseneck squeaks a lot


  • Probably best for static mounting
  • Poles
  • Worktops
  • Trees


  • There are many cheap copies of this but beware, the quality might not be to the same standard of the GoPro version. Putting a £400 camera on a cheap clamp might not be the best idea


  • Could replace suction cups
  • Be careful clamping to soft things as the jaws are very strong and will probably mark it


  • Attaching the camera directly to the jaw is can reduce the vibration but reduces the ability to twist the camera

Who’s it for

  • Videographer wanting stationary shots from unusual mountings