I’ve recently changed my camera and my general camera equipment has increased, a bit; over time. In this video I’ll discuss why I choose K&F Concept over the Neewer & Malayas camera rucksacks

I had some preferences but was generally open-minded. I wanted to be able to easily access all my kit. I didn’t want to have to worry about kit falling out. I’d prefer a laptop sleeve if possible. I didn’t really want to spend much more than £50 and water resistance/ water proof would be a bonus.

The three rucksacks are different in a number of ways:
The Neewer Pro is £52.99 and the largest of the three at 34x26x52cm 45,968 4.2lb. The Malayas is £28.29 and 32x17x47cm 25,568 3.2lb. The K&F Concept is £47.99 and 26x14x42cm 15,288 2.4lb

Let’s start with the Neewer Pro Camera Case. Quality wise this seems to be the better of the three; It really is nicely made. The main plus for this camera rucksack is that the camera compartment is completely covered with the loop side of the Velcro. This means you have lot more flexibility to configure the compartment to your requirements. There seems to be three places where you could attach a tripod – if you want too. There is a a laptop sleeve in this rucksack. There are three handy though small pockets – two on the waist flaps and one on the top of the rucksack. Overall, though, it is just too deep for my needs – EF-M cameras are much smaller

Secondly, the Malayas camera rucksack
The format of this rucksack I quite like – though there is no laptop sleeve. So, essentially, this is just a camera bag – which is fine. I liked the idea of two sections – one as a type of camera case. The second similar to a small camera rucksack which is joined to the bottom section. Generally, the materials used look very cheap when put up against the Neewer. The camera compartment dividers have thin single strips of velcro which makes it seem loose. If you have a lot of camera lenses etc – this could be a good choice. There are also many options to attach accessories to the rucksack

Thirdly, the K&F Concepts Rucksack
Access to all your camera equipment is easy achieved by opening just the one zipper. There is a laptop sleeve and the rucksack is apparently waterproof. It’s depth is tight but OK for my Canon M50
I was a little concerned initially about things falling out – I came up with a solution I’m comfortable with. There is one attachment for a tripod which is enough for me. It would also be very easy to reconfigure this rucksack for my essential camera gear and also have room for clothes etc. The one thing I will miss is not having a water bottle sleeve.

As with anything – your individual intended use will be the key factor in deciding what rucksack is right for you. I think for now at a relatively low cost I’ve got something that will work for me in varying situations, and I’m happy with the price.