Defining your purpose for your YouTube channel is essential. Understanding your purpose is knowing what problem you are addressing or what problem you are trying to solve.

The examples below are some of the notes we’ve used when defining our own purpose for our channel.

  • Write down the problem you want to tackle
    E.g. There is a lack of detailed and structured information for people that want to learn how to start, create and grow a YouTube channel with associated downloadable info.

  • Write down why you are going to solve this problem
    E.g. I want to learn how to create and grow a YouTube for myself and share my learnings to help others.
  • Write down what you will need to focus on to resolve the problem
    E.g. I will need to focus on:
    – How to start a YouTube channel
    – How to create videos for YouTube
    – How to grow a YouTube channel
    This section needs to get down to the detail and you will ideally end up with a list of topics for your channel.

  • Write down specifically how you will know you’re solving the problem
    E.g. I will know I’m solving the problem when:
    – Like-minded people follow and connect with me
    – People ask my opinion on the subject
    – I exceed the benchmarks I’ve defined

  • Write down the timeframe to resolve the problem
    E.g. I would like to achieve this in two years.

  • Checklist: Channel purpose checklist
    Before you progress, know theses things.

    1. You know what you YouTube channel will be about
    2. You know why you’ll create a YouTube channel
    3. You know what you’ll focus on
    4. You know what success means to you
    5. You have estimated how long you’ll need to stick at it to succeed