Defining your target audience for your YouTube channel is essential. Understanding your audience and their needs and wants is fundamental to understanding the content you need to create for your channel.

Work through the sections below to help you define your YouTube target audience.

  • Identify an audience that could be interested in your product
    E.g. People that have needs and wants that align with my purpose are:



  • Identify a segment of the audience that seem likely to be very interested in your product – the target audience
    E.g. Who in the wider audience might need to solve the same problem that our product does?



  • Quantify the size of the target audience
    E.g. Calculate the size of the target audience




  • Identify a group or cohort within the target audience
    E.g. Narrow down the specifics of a cohort of the target audience

    What is their age?
    Masculine, feminine, ?What are their interests?

    Where can they be found?

    Who will they be found with, listening to or following?

  • Identify 2 – 3 indicators that your audience is likely to grow or still exist at the end of your timeframe
    1 – My chosen topic is not a fad or a craze
    2 – My chosen topic is not in decline already



  • Checklist: YouTube consumer base checklist
    Do this before you progress.

    1. You have an assumption about who could be your consumers
    2. You have an assumption about the size of your consumer base
    3. You have assumptions about the characteristics of an ideal consumer base
    4. There are strong indications that your consumer base will exist beyond your project time-frame